Museum Banners – Choosing the Right Colors

Museum banners are an important part of many exhibits today. They often stand out, and at the same time, they can inform and entertain. But did you know that color selection can be just as important at the layout, size, fonts, and overall design? In fact, certain colors have different effects on your audience. Let’s look at how the basic colors can sway your audience one way or another.


Many studies show that red is an emotional color and it’s associated with intensity and strong feelings. This is the color of fire and blood, and red can ignite passion under the right circumstances. When someone “sees red” they become extremely angry all of a sudden.

The color red is one of the best colors for attracting attention. That’s why stop signs and stop lights are red. This tells people to “stop!”
Red enhanced signage can help people make quick decisions. In fact, it’s often used in business signs to get people to buy sale items now. Red museum banners tell the reader to “stop and check out this exhibit.”


On a cold morning, the inviting yellow sun on your face brings warmth and a feeling of contentment. A sunny disposition is one that’s happy and confident that the future is bright. However, yellow also has the power to overwhelm the emotions, so it’s best when it’s not a background color.

Blue and Pink

“Blue is for boys and pink is for girls.” If you want to attract a male audience, consider blue dominated museum banners. Pink is feminine, and it’s the color that brings attention to the breast cancer awareness campaign. The sky and ocean are blue, and this gives one a sense of clarity or cleanliness. Pink stirs up mental images of sweetness that only little girls can provide.