Moving Within Raleigh? Local Moving Companies Can be a Big Help

For many people, moving is an opportunity to start anew. It doesn’t matter if you move across the state, or right around the corner, a new residence means new memories and a fresh start. While you may think that a local move requires less organization than a long distance move, the reality is that it still needs to be carefully planned and orchestrated. If you’re planning a local move within Raleigh, consider the many advantages of hiring a local mover.

Browsing the newspaper or online marketplace, you are bound to find someone offering their truck and moving services. Remember that they do not have the experience and may not give your belongings the care that a professional mover would offer. Would you trust your valuables to a stranger just because he has a truck? Seek the services of a reputable moving company that specializes in all kinds of relocation.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Moving Company

  • Do you know anyone who has hired them? If not, do your research and read online reviews. Positive recommendations from happy customers are a reflection of a company’s reputation.
  • Are they licensed? You should only deal with moving companies that are licensed.
  • Will they offer a free quote? The majority of movers will come to your home, ask plenty of questions, discuss the move with you and will be able to give you a quote before you make any commitments. Shop around and talk to several local moving companies. Raleigh has many movers that serve the area who would be pleased to have your business. Don’t settle for just anybody.
  • How do you pay for their services? Most professional companies will take many forms of payment. Be wary of moving companies that ask for cash only.
    What are the extra costs associated with larger, more awkward items? Be sure to have them add these additional expenses to your quote. You don’t want to be faced with charges you had not anticipated.
  • How much will they charge? Many local movers will charge by the hour with a 3-hour minimum. This can vary by moving company, so find out up front.
  • Are their moves full-time employees of the company or do they contract day, laborers? It’s important to ensure that the company you choose trains their employees and knows exactly who they are sending to your home to represent them.
  • Are your items automatically insured for the move? If not, is this additional expense? These are questions you should have answered up front. There are many important questions to ask of local moving companies. Raleigh customers who are prepared in advance will know what to ask, who to choose to handle their move, and what to expect when moving day arrives.