Mortgage Loans Hollidaysburg PA Are Very Competitive With Local and National Rates

Mortgage loan interest rate are climbing very slightly, but Hollidaysburg, PA has more loan companies servicing it than most any other city except for the 20 largest cities in the Nation. Furthermore, many of these mortgage companies have ratings by clients that top 250 very favorable ratings. Over 100 mortgage plans provided by 30 mortgage sources are available in Hollidaysburg. Mortgage Loans Hollidaysburg PA are available to meet just about every family’s need.

There are many mortgages available to fit just about any need. Of course the credit score and loan-to-value are factors in getting a favorable mortgage. There are mortgage companies, however, that will try to help people with less than good credit. THe FHA mortgage is available in the area as well as the conventional 30, 15 and 5 year mortgages.

Mortgage sources like Quicken, Wells Fargo, and Chase service the area as do many lesser known mortgage companies. This makes the market very competitive and tends to make the fees associated with a new mortgage either non-existent or very low compared to the national average. According to Zillow, the national real estate service company, one of the highest 15 Year Fixed FHA mortgages can be obtained for an interest rate of 3.625 and an APR of 4.366, however, the fees are over $4,000 with 25 percent down. Clearly, Mortgage Loans Hollidaysburg PA are competitively priced.

Many mortgage rates hover around 4.25 percent with an APR of 4.492 percent. In September the PA rate was 4.45 percent and the National rate was 4.48 percent, but October has recorded the PA rate at 4.06 percent and the National rate at 4.01 percent. The question on many experts minds is how low will the rates go before they start climbing again and how far will they climb. The ARC Federal Credit Union is currently offering a 30 year fixed rate of 4.125 percent and a 15 year fixed rate of 3.25 percent, which are the same rates offered by the National Bank of Kansas City. Of course, many more local mortgage sources are offering the same rates. The Credit Union is encouraging people to take a 15 year fixed mortgage.

The homes in the Hollisdaysburg are very well priced and this helps attract the mortgage loans to the city. The question on every home buyers mind is where are rates going? The answer is no one can predict with absolute certainty.

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