Monthly Rentals in San Diego for Contract and Corporate Workers

Two of the more common reasons men and women look for short-term apartment arrangements include relocating to the area and working temporarily in a different city. Comfortable furnished monthly rentals in San Diego are available for people looking for these accommodations.

Temporary Positions

Some individuals work contract jobs for a month or longer, while others are sent by their employer to help with a corporate project. Usually, the company pays a specific amount of money designated for housing and the worker keeps whatever is unused.

Advantages of Furnished Apartments vs. Hotels

Staying in a hotel suite is another option, but apartments with monthly rentals in San Diego provide distinct advantages over hotels. They are generally much more spacious and have a better meal preparation area. They also tend to be less expensive than hotels offering accommodations of similar quality.

Limited Kitchen Features

An extended-stay hotel typically includes a kitchen, but only certain nationwide chains and independent businesses provide this feature in their suites. The rest might only include a small refrigerator, microwave oven and coffeemaker. That’s inconvenient for somebody staying a month or longer.

Two-Bedroom Options

Another advantage is being able to choose a two-bedroom unit. This is preferable for two workers coming to the area together and wanting to split the cost of a place. They probably don’t care to share a bedroom. It’s also a good option for someone with a family who plans to have them visit on weekends.

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