Mold Remediation in Alexandria, VA Starts With Knowing Where Mold Comes From

Mold is a natural part of the environment. Most areas are surrounded by mold, which people can breathe in without harming most. Mold is a generic term that refers to fungi that can form typical filaments and spores. During their growth phase, they form colorless cellular filaments. It is only at the time of spraying that they produce spores visible to the naked eye-;mostly in the form of black or yellow spots on the walls. Spores are almost everywhere-;even indoors-;and are normally harmless. However, there are times when mold can be downright deadly. Learn why Mold Remediation in Alexandria VA is important below.

Moisture penetrating through masonry, cracks in walls, damaged roofs, or gutters may be possible causes of mold formation in a home. But, insufficient drying after construction measures can also promote mold formation. Water line breaks and flooding can also cause mold growth. However, a constantly high level of indoor air humidity due to heating and aeration that are not carried out properly, especially in watertight buildings, can also cause mold formation. In general, three factors influence mold growth:

• Humidity (75-90%);

• Temperature; and

• The presence of certain nutrients.

Mold needs a minimum amount of moisture to develop. The decisive issue here is that mold, itself, grows particularly well on and in materials on which water condenses. People inside a building or structure can largely participate in the increase of humidity in a building just by being in it. Poor ventilation combined with activities generating a lot of moisture such as cooking, taking a shower, drying clothes, etc., increases the humidity in the air. This is a particular problem in buildings that have been carefully sealed for energy saving reasons.

Different varieties of wood, paper, cardboard, wallpaper, wallpaper glue, plastics, silicone, carpets, paints, lacquers, leather, and cement and concrete can be ideal “kick-starters” for mold. But, they can also develop on other materials that do not supply them with nutrients themselves. Mold Remediation in Alexandria VA is the only way to ensure mold is eliminated correctly. For more details about mold remediation, contact PMSI Mold Treatment Division today.