Mold in air vents means there is a bigger problem

If you notice mold in the air vents of your HVAC system this usually indicates that there is a larger problem, one which, if not dealt with can cause serious health problems to those living in the home. Every time the HVAC system is turned on many thousands of microscopic mold spores are blown out through the vents where they are inhaled as well as settling on surfaces which in turn can be conducive to a new colony starting.

How can you tell if you have a mold problem?

One sure fire indication that you have a mold problem is an unmistakable musty odor; this is especially true if the odor is in numerous rooms throughout the house or if it is worse when the HVAC system is running. Another indicator is visible mold in air vents. Although you will not be able to see inside the ducts, you can assume that if there is mold in the vents there most certainly will be mold in the ducts as well.

Mold remediation:

Mold remediation can be very challenging because it can and does grow in some of the most obscure and out of the way places. It may be possible to remove mold which has taken hold on a flat, high glazed finish such as tiles in the bath, but it takes skill and equipment to get it out of such things as the vents in the home. To be successful in removing mold it all must be eliminated, if even the least bit is left it will quickly grow and spread. The solution is to coat the surface with a mold sealant; this encapsulates the mold making it impossible to grow.

How to stop further problems:

Mold sealant is the ideal solution for ensuring that once the problem has been solved, it will not return. Mold sealant is very much like paint, once applied it encapsulates existing mold and removes access what it needs to thrive on; organic material, oxygen and water. Mold sealant has a high zinc content which inhibits the growth of new mold on the surface.

Mold sealant is very different than regular paint as it contains antimicrobial ingredients, regular paint does not. If a homeowner were to use regular paint all he will be doing is covering the mold but it will not stop it from returning.

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