Mold Damage Restoration In Colorado Springs Can Return A Home Back To Normal

Has your home recently suffered a water event? Has water been leaking in your basement or through the roof? Have you suffered fire damage that water was used to extinguish? These types of problems and others can cause a mold problem in a home. The mold must be eliminated from a home to keep the environment in a healthy condition. Each time the mold becomes dry, the spores become airborne and travel to another location to begin growing. After a water event like flooding, a backed-up sewer or broken pipes, mold will begin to develop within two to three days.

Mold that has gone unnoticed will continue to grow and create a foul smell that is difficult to remove without the proper mold damage restoration in Colorado Springs. Mold is one of the leading causes of asthma, allergies, and chronic sinus problems. Mold grows its best in a moist environment around windows, pipes, behind drywall or any other location, there’s been flooding or a continue moisture problem. Mold grows on paper products, ceiling tiles, carpet, insulation, and upholstery. Mold can be in a variety of forms within a home, and just bleaching the area will not kill it.

The only way to restore a home to its original condition is by contacting a company that’s experienced in Mold Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs. This type of company is also experienced in water damage and the rapid growth of mold. Their main goal is to seal off the area where the mold is located and remove items that show signs of mold damage or that are damp. They will immediately begin drying out the area with large fan and dehumidifier. They will clean everything with a solution to kill the mold and wash away any mold spores. Even if the mold is not visibly present on an item, there will still be mold spores if it was in the same location. Proper respirators, gloves, and suits will be used to protect the workers.

This type of company has experience working with a homeowner’s insurance company to document items in the home that have been damaged. They can restore drywall that is infested with mold and apply any necessary paint. A home can be completely restored to the condition it was before the mold took over. For more information, please click here.

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