Modern Applications for Crushed Limestone in San Marcos, TX

Limestone has a long and storied use in the construction industry dating all the way back to 2560 BC and the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Today, it is used for everything from constructing roads to ameliorating acidic soils. Read on to find out about these and just a few of the other uses for crushed limestone in San Marcos, TX.

Architectural Uses

Crushed limestone is essential to the modern construction industry. It is commonly used as base aggregate for constructing moderately sized stone buildings, and can also be used to fabricate thin plates used for improving the appearance of modern skyscrapers, although it is not commonly used as a structural support for these types of much larger buildings. Limestone is also used to manufacture mortar and cement, making it absolutely essential to the modern construction industry.

Road Construction Uses

Limestone is also used to construct modern roads. Its primary application within this industry is in the formation of the solid bases that underlie asphalt paving. In this context, limestone is used as an aggregate rather than as a decorative material.

Agricultural Uses

Limestone also plays an important role in the agricultural industry. Its unique mineral composition makes it perfect for neutralizing acidic soils, which are known to leach nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium from the plants that need them to grow and thrive. The component responsible for this neutralization is known as Calcium Carbonate, which is known to react with Sulphuric Acid to produce water and carbon dioxide, both of which are beneficial rather than harmful to plants.

Landscaping Uses

Crushed limestone can also be used to create visually stimulating outdoor landscapes. In fact, its beautiful color and unique appearance make it perfect for a wide variety of landscaping applications including walkways and other essential hardscaping features.

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