Mixing Casual With High End: 3 Ideas for Food Catering in Banquet Halls in Fort Wayne, IN

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Business

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Some of the best catering dishes mix the casual with the extravagant. High-end dishes can become a bit more affordable by using some basic ingredients matched with some pricier options. Below are three good catering ideas for Banquet Halls in Fort Wayne IN, that mix the casual with the classy.

Lobster Rolls

It goes without saying the lobster is one of the most expensive mainstream food products out there. A large number of lobster tails could be beyond the food catering budget. But, one unique idea is lobster bruschetta. In short, cooks add small quantities of lobster (or crab) atop a buttered roll. There could be some vegetables thrown into the mix to up the flavor, but the small quantities of seafood keep the items as an affordable snack.

Kale Snacks

Kale is widely called the super food. It is called this because it has an assortment of important nutrients, and is one of the main items that are gaining a lot of traction in the whole cultural swap to vegan and vegetarian. An event at any of the Banquet Halls in Fort Wayne IN, cannot go wrong by adding a little vegan snack. Kale is one of most popular items and is a common food associated with being vegetarian. It is also very affordable and considered both casual and classy.

Snack Machines

Snack machines are, fundamentally, a very casual type of affair. After sticking in a few dollars, a prepackaged snack pops out. But, snack machines do not have to be so casual. A particular baker in New York City has put together a high-end gumball machine. Put simply, small muffins are fitted into a couple hundred capsules. Users treat it like a traditional gumball machine and out pops a plastic container. Inside the container is actually a fantastic cupcake, doughnut hole, or some type of bakery item. Is it bizarre? Absolutely, but people absolutely love it. Snack machines (and in the above example, gumball machines) can be put into a catering event without necessarily forcing something that is casual and generic.

Visit Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center for more on the variety of catering options available to customers. It does not have to be too classy or too casual. A nice balance between the two is the best approach.