Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning in La Verne CA

When an HVAC unit suddenly stops working, a homeowner faces some tough decisions. However, it’s important not to make those choices out of desperation, because of the high risk of serious mistakes. Below are some of the most common errors customers make when purchasing a new HVAC system.

Ignoring the SEER Rating

A unit’s SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating can make a substantial difference. The higher a unit’s rating, the more efficient it is-;which means that the homeowner spends less each month on cooling and heating. A high-efficiency system may be able to help a customer save up to 50% on utilities, and it can provide other benefits as well.

Forgetting Rebates

Many areas and manufacturers offer rebates that partially offset the cost of a new system, especially high-efficiency models. Talk to a contractor with Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning La Verne CA to find out more.

Getting Just One Estimate

Options and prices can vary widely, as can installation fees, permitting requirements and service contracts. By getting quotes from multiple companies, customers can make an accurate comparison.

Choosing the Lowest Bid

Low prices don’t always bring the greatest value. A high-efficiency HVAC unit may cost a few hundred dollars more in the beginning, but it can help a homeowner save several hundred each year in energy usage. Over a system’s lifespan, it can pay for itself several times over.

Not Considering a Maintenance Contract

Proper maintenance is important to keep a system functioning optimally. Over a few years, debris, dirt and other foreign materials can build up, eroding electrical components and causing other problems. Annual maintenance and system cleaning can prolong the unit’s life and prevent expensive future repairs.

Not Monitoring Refrigerant

R-22, otherwise known as Freon, has been prohibited for use in new units since 2009. If a homeowner buys a new system, it should use an approved refrigerant. In some instances, an R-22 unit can be repaired with recycled refrigerant, but in most cases, the unit must be replaced.

Buying a new HVAC unit is an important decision, and it’s important for homeowners to take the time to make a wise choice. Call Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning La Verne CA or Visit Website to schedule a service appointment.