Metal Roofing in Puyallup WA Lasts for Years With Minimal Maintenance

by | May 16, 2014 | Roofing

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Many types of roof coverings are routinely used in the Puyallup area. While the ubiquitous three tabbed shingle roofing is still arguably the most commonly used type of roofing in the area, other materials are also gathering fans. Roofing experts like DLP Roofing, Inc. ( work with clients to determine which type of roofing is best for their specific homes. Many of the roofing materials last longer than traditional three tab shingles and also look remarkably good. Metal roofing is a prime example of a roofing material that is rapidly gaining in popularity.

The function of roofing is to prevent water from entering a home’s interior areas. While all roofing materials work well for a time, some materials are proven to last longer than others. While shingles routinely last from fifteen to twenty years, metal roofing in Puyallup WA is expected to last many years longer when properly maintained. There are other benefits to using metal roofing materials as well.

High rainfall averages in the area contribute to growth of moss and other growths on roofs in the region. While composition and wood shingle roofs provide a fertile growing medium for moss, metal roofing is far less hospitable. Cleaning a metal roof is far simpler than a shingled roof, reducing annual maintenance considerably. However, all roofing requires some annual maintenance.

While metal roofing in Puyallup WA requires virtually no maintenance to the metal surfaces, flashings require attention to prevent leaks. Skylights, vents and chimneys, for example, all have some sort of flashing to seal water out. Those materials do need routine maintenance and should be inspected every year. On metal roofs with exposed screws, the seals around the screws should also be visually checked, as sunlight and weather extremes can cause them to deteriorate. Those repairs are minor, however, and are relatively inexpensive to manage.

When a new roof is needed, the pros and cons of all options should be explored, but professionals installing metal roofing in Puyallup WA will often prefer metal to other options. The initial investment in a metal roof is higher than for most varieties of shingles, but with the reduced maintenance requirements and longer life, metal roofing is certainly an option that should be carefully considered.