Metal Recycling Offers Many Benefits Today

Years ago, most people thought nothing about tossing aluminum cans in the trash. However, today more people think about environmental issues that make the earth a better place to work and live. When you recycle metals, they eventually become bulk lead ingots, extruded aluminum, or high-speed tungsten carbide cutting tools. Here are some reasons to consider recycling all metals used in your business.


It’s cheaper to recycle most metals than mining them from raw materials. For example, it takes far fewer resources, and when you recycle, nobody has to dig deep in the earth and separate metal from other debris. You pay no transportation costs from the mine either. Instead, old metals become new metals with simple processes of melting, separation, and casting. Recycling can easily turn lead scrap into bulk lead ingots for industry.

Energy Savings

Recycling helps the planet because it takes less energy to recycle. In fact, you save a great deal on fossil fuels. These energy sources are non-renewable, and the planet is slowly running out.

Safer Land and Ground Water

When you recycle heavy metals like lead and tungsten, they don’t enter local landfills. This makes it safer for everyone and gives local wildlife cleaner water and a healthier environment.

No Limits

You can recycle scrap lead into bulk lead ingots as many times as you like. Scrap aluminum melts down and forms cans and many other materials. In fact, there are no limits on the times you can recycle metals. Recycling does not affect metal properties.

Lower Business Operating Costs

If your business uses tungsten cutting tools, disposing of worn out tools costs you money. You have to pay disposal fees, and this adds to your costs. When you recycle scrap tungsten, you get money back, and you cut out tungsten disposal costs.

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