Men Like Their Custom Tee Shirts To Make A Statement

I’m not sure of how it developed that a basic undergarment came out from under the button down shirt and became both a functional item of apparel and a fashion statement, but the simple T-shirt has accomplished this feat. Long ago, on hot days or in sweaty factories like steel mills, or in dirty mines it would be common place to see men working in their sleeveless undershirts. You might even see them returni home still exhibiting their undershirts, but, once the worker had washed up and was ready for dinner, there would usually be no more exposure of the undershirt until work the next day – one did not appear in one’s undershirt while in polite company (even one’s own family).

I am told that a possible source for the popularization of wearing a T-shirt in public came from the undershirts first issued to sailors in the US Navy in 1889; around the time of the Spanish–American War. It is easy to imagine them being exposed while working (to keep the navy uniform jacket clean); or while sailing in tropical climes, but I doubt if the public at large copied them as a garment for regular use (let alone as a fashion statement).

Play Wear For Boys

It did become popular to send kids out to play wearing Custom Tee Shirts since these are easy to wash and kids can get dirty quickly and often. However, one way or another, the word T-shirt made it into Webster’s as far back as 1920.

Then Men (And Women)

It wasn’t until 1950 and Hollywood influence that the T-shirt really became a part of an adult’s non-working wardrobe. This was thanks to Marlon Brando appearing in one in the movie of A Streetcar Named Desire. At first, Custom Tee Shirts tended to be plain white and this was sufficient to make a statement that you identified with the likes of Brando. However, it did not take long for the clothing industry to see the potential of colored tees and using some of that that plain space to print a picture, pattern, or even a slogan.

If all Custom Tee Shirts were basically the same, we wouldn’t need to own so many of them. There are an infinite number of decorations to be put onto Custom Tee Shirts and it’s desirable to own as many variations as possible – even Wildlife cool Tees for men can be printed with a picture of any animal, bird, fish or reptile that exists. Wearers of Wildlife Tees for men can pick out their favorite species or simply select a picture that they like. Anything can be printed digitally these days, but screen prints are still considered the best quality for printing. These days there are super soft inks that sit in the fabric, not on it, so they don’t have the plastic feel of old printed Custom Tee Shirts. You can find high quality, wildlife printed Custom Tee Shirts in Kansas City for men online.

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