Memory to Suit Your Needs

In every context of life, we’re always looking to increase our capacity for memory, and the ease with which we retrieve it. With the advent and increasing popularity of computing, a new kind of memory has emerged, and technology companies are constantly working to enhance it for individual and business use.

Kingston is a global leader in the manufacture of memory products. Based in California, the company uses extensive and stringent testing, as well as innovation, to set the standard in memory capacity and reliability. Kingston’s products are distributed throughout a network of retailers, distributors, resellers and OEM customers on six continents. Further, the company offers supply chain management and contract manufacturing for system OEMs and semiconductor manufacturers.

Within the context of computing, memory is a physical storage of data and programs within a computer or other electronic device. Memory can hold on to information temporarily or permanently. Most often, memory refers to Random Access Memory (RAM), which allows users to access data in any order, regardless of when it was stored. RAM is an alternative to sequential access, such as a tape, which requires users to locate a specific spot to retrieve data.

Double Data Rate Type 3 Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (DDR3 SDRAM) is a high bandwidth interface, dynamic RAM (as suggested by “double data rate”). Unlike earlier versions DDR and DDR2, DDR3 transfers memory eight times faster than internal memory arrays. This is twice the rate of DDR2. Better yet, it does this with lower power consumption than previous versions. In practical terms, DDR3 is better memory for multimedia, gaming and other demanding applications.

Kingston Memory DDR3 products bring together the reputation of a global memory leader, top quality storage and high bandwidth to offer consumers an effective computing product. Kingston is consistently featuring newer generations of DDR3 technology, along with the information and support you’d expect from this caliber of technology company. What DDR3 memory product you select will depend on how much bandwidth you need and server capabilities. Staff is on hand to help you make the best decision for your preferences.

More memory is never a bad thing, but it pays to be completely familiar with your system and requirements before purchasing something that might end up holding you back. Never hesitate to get in touch with Saitech about the products and services we offer – it is our mission to ensure you have exactly what you need, and for a price that fits your budget.


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