Medical Malpractice Cases Managed By A Personal Injury Attorney In Manchester, CT

In Connecticut, doctors are held to a stricter liability when they fail their patients. Under federal laws, all doctors must provide the highest standard of care possible for all patients. The doctor cannot act upon their own belief system or prejudices. They must provide the same standard of care to all patients. The following is an assessment of medical malpractice cases managed by a Personal Injury Attorney in Manchester CT

Medical Witnesses and Testimony

All medical staff that was present at the time in which the error occurred are required to testify in these matters. Typically, the hospital board will meet and schedule a meeting with the victim and the doctor involved. During the meeting, all medical witnesses provide testimony. If a settlement isn’t reached, these doctors and nurses are required to present testimony in court.

Identification of the Exact Error

The type of error that occurred could determine the fate of the doctor. For example, if the error isn’t connected to the procedure commonly, it is possible that the doctor may have acted out of malice. If it is determined that the doctor caused an injury deliberately, they are held to a higher liability. In some cases, this error could be connected to a criminal act. The exact error must be detailed in the legal claim and any connecting factors must also be presented.

An Assessment of Protocol

A medical witness that has full knowledge of the procedure performed is secured to testify. They explain in court the exact steps that are required for the procedure. They also identify where the error occurred and why it happened. The medical witness can show where the error started and how it will affect the patient in the future. This is also beneficial when a permanent disability is produced.

In Connecticut, all doctors are required by federal law to provide the highest standard of care possible. They must set aside any personal beliefs and provide medical care to all patients that visit them. They must mitigate risks that could lead to patient injuries. Patients who sustained injuries contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Manchester CT through Kahan, Kerensky and Capossela LLP today.