McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh, PA: One Stop Shopping for Home Care Equipment

Independence is an important part of living a happy life. For many people, age or physical ailment threatens to take away that independence. In these situations, the goal is often to find a way to help a person maintain his or her independence for as long as possible by making life at home a little easier. With the help of McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA, families are making adjustments to their homes in order to assist loved ones in maintaining independence and improving quality of life. Click Here to learn more about the various products currently available.

Mobility Aids

Mobility is one of the most important parts of maintaining independence. A person that can move around freely is more likely to be able to be alone with minimal assistance. Mobility aids include things like canes, walkers, and wheelchairs. These items make it possible for a person to move around comfortably without worry. As a person’s body changes, it is possible to transition to different mobility aids in order to keep him or her on the move.


If independent movement is tough, stairs are going to be a real problem. Stairlifts offer help for those that can’t take the stairs alone. The lift works to carry a person up or down the stairs without requiring any strength or balance. There are lots of different lifts to choose from so a family can find out which one would work best for their loved one and his or her specific situation. In addition to allowing a person to maintain independence, it can ensure that a person gets to stay in a home, even if it has more than one level.

Bathroom Aids

There are lots of important tasks that are taken care of in the bathroom. Even people that don’t need mobility aids or stairlifts may still benefit from these items found at McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA. Bars can be placed by the toilet or the shower in order to make it easier to access these locations. Chairs and benches can be added to the shower in order to make it easier for a person to independently take care of their regular bathing routine. These features offer peace of mind for the person along with his or her family.

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