Materials And Steps Necessary For House Window Tinting In Loma Linda CA

Tint that is applied to windowpanes in a home will provide privacy and will block the sun’s rays. Tint will also keep the temperature inside of a room maintained. The following steps describe how to prepare glass, apply tint and maintain the appearance of each covered pane.


• glass cleaning agent

• soft cloth

• spray misting bottle

• warm water

• mild dish soap

• measuring tape

• roll of window tint

• disposable gloves

• utility knife

• scissors

• plastic sheeting

• rubber-tipped squeegee

Cleaning Windowpanes And Preparing Soapy Water And Tint

A glass cleaning agent that has been applied to a soft cloth needs to be moved across the interior side of each windowpane that will be covered with tint. A spray misting bottle can be filled with warm water that has been mixed with a few drops of mild dish soap. The length and width of each windowpane needs to be measured before cutting pieces of tint that are the same size. While cutting tint, a pair of disposable gloves should be worn so that fingerprints do not appear on either side of each piece of tint.

Applying And Maintaining Tint

A piece of plastic sheeting should be placed across the flooring that is underneath each windowpane. The adhesive backing should be removed from each piece of tint. Tint needs to be lined up evenly with windowpanes before it is pressed against them. Spraying the edges of tint pieces with soapy water will assist with adhesion. A rubber-tipped squeegee can be moved across tint to flatten it against glass. A squeegee should be moved in straight lines to eliminate wrinkles in tint.

A soft cloth or sponge that has been dampened with soapy water can be used to eliminate dirty residue from House Window Tinting in Loma Linda CA as needed. Afterward, a cloth needs to be rinsed out with plain water before removing soapy film from each piece of tint. Tint City or a similar business sells supplies needed for House Window Tinting in Loma Linda CA. They also carry a full line of materials that can be used to apply tint to automotive glass.

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