Marketing Your Conference Using Postcard Printing In Eagan, MN

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Business

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If you have ever served on a conference committee for a business, organization or association you know how difficult it is to try to reach members and other interested parties and get them to see the value in attending your conference. One way to address this very real issue is to use services that offer postcard printing in Eagan, MN.

Postcard printing in Eagan, MN allows you to directly market to your target audience in a way that is concise, eye-catching and different than just sending out an email blast on a listserv or through an organization or association newsletter. It is also much more likely to be shared or passed along to another professional, especially if it gives enough details to get people interested.

Save the Date Postcard Printing In Eagan, MN

Standard or slightly smaller than a traditional postcard, save the date postcard printing in Eagan, MN is a must. This allows you to directly mail to your membership, well in advance of the event, to get people interested and to allow them time to block off your conference dates.

How much in advance to send out a save the date postcard is a bit of a personal choice, but at least two months in advance of the event is a good idea. The information that should be contained on this postcard printing in Eagan, MN will include the date, the venue and the name of the conference. It should also include a bit of information about the theme and at least the names and a short sentence or two about the keynotes.

Keep It Interesting

Don’t try to put too much information on this save the date postcard printing in Eagan, MN as that information can come out in a follow-up brochure or email. On the postcard you can inform people about when to expect this update and further conference information sot they know to watch their inbox or their mail.

Postcard printing in Eagan, MN to pre-advertise your next conference is a great idea. These postcards are just a few pennies each and, if you design a great copy, they will draw attention and get people talking and signing up for your big event.