Marijuana and Drug Defense in Royse City TX

Today, marijuana use is being legalized at the state level in parts of the country. Many states, including Texas, have not legalized pot. At the federal level, marijuana is still illegal for any purpose. That is why being caught possessing, selling, or using pot is still very serious. It is not a minor offense. It is possible to end up with a criminal record with a tiny amount of pot such as an eighth of an ounce. Having a medicinal marijuana card from another state won’t help. That is why those who are charged with possession, use, or distribution of marijuana need to seriously consider hiring a lawyer for Drug Defense in Royse City TX no matter how little pot is involved.

A strategy that is commonly used to entice defendants to accept harsher punishment in a plea deal is for the district attorney to add a drug trafficking charge. With drug trafficking, the fines and long prison time may convince many defendants to accept a plea deal that will still involve a lengthy period of incarceration in exchange for dropping the drug trafficking charge. An attorney providing Drug Defense in Royse City TX would utilize a different strategy. It is quite rare for a drug trafficking charge to result in conviction by itself. A skilled attorney doing drug defense would concentrate on fighting the drug possession charge. If a defendant did not possess the drugs, it’s unlikely the prosecutor can win on the drug trafficking charge.

In order for prosecutors to convict defendants in criminal court, it is necessary to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. There are many instances when defense lawyers find major problems with the prosecutor’s case, such as lack of evidence and illegal searches. If the police lack evidence to prove that the defendant is the owner of the marijuana, a favorable plea deal may be offered in exchange for not going to a jury trial with a chance of acquittal. If a search may not have been legal, all of the evidence in the search may be thrown out. For example, if the police did not have probable cause to stop the motorist or search the vehicle, the evidence found in the search cannot be used at trial. That is why those charged with drug crimes should not automatically assume that they will be convicted. For more information, visit Law Office of Tim Hartley.

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