Maria Tully Erbar: Family Law Attorney Edmond OK

A family law attorney Edmond, OK provides you with legal help in establishing guardianship. Guardianship is a the legal claim that allows you to act as a parent for a minor child. It is appointed through a will or through legal proceedings where a biological parent has been ruled unfit to maintain parental rights over the child. These proceedings are initiated when child abuse is discovered, when drug or alcohol abuse is present, or any other circumstances in which the legal or biological parent is a risk to the child’s well being. Maria Tully Erbar is family law attorney who can assist you in acquiring guardianship.

Your Local Family Lawyer

Maria Tully Erbar is a family law attorney who provides legal assistance for family members seeking legal guardianship of a minor child who is endangered. She can assist you in filing a claim in court after child services have established that the biological parent is unfit. These proceedings will prevent the child from becoming the ward of the state and allow a family member to take the child into their home and raise them as their own.

At any time that you suspect that a child is in endangered Ms. Erbar can assist you in acquiring temporary custody until permanent guardianship is established. This attorney is familiar with the steps required to obtain legal guardianship and will assist you in this venture. To hire Maria Tully Erbar as your family law attorney contact her law office directly.


A Family Law Attorney Edmond, OK is the first point of contact whenever child abuse has been suspected and you wish to acquire temporary or legal guardianship of a minor child. Through child safety laws that apply in family court, your attorney can initiate temporary custody that can lead to permanent guardianship of any child that is endangered. Your attorney will explain to you any legal requirements necessary for initiating this process such as filing a report with social services and launching an investigation. To learn more about guardianship and initiating child protection laws, contact Maria Tully Erbar Visit Website.

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