Managing The Pain That You Experience In Your Lower Back

Sciatica pain can sometimes be debilitating. It impacts the lower area of your back and can sometimes make it difficult to get out of bed during the day. There are a few different options for sciatica treatment in Lancaster County, PA, chiropractors offer that can give you some relief before resorting to surgery.

Home Remedies

After your doctor has determined that you have sciatica, you can try a few options at home to get relief. Warm compresses or a heating pad can usually provide pain relief. You can also take medications that help with pain. If medicines that you get over the counter aren’t strong enough, then you can talk to you doctor about prescription medications. Try to limit your movements during the day, especially when you feel that sciatica pain isn’t manageable. Sometimes, you might need to stay off your feet for a few days before you feel like doing any of your daily routines.


One of the options for sciatica treatment in Lancaster County, PA, doctors can provide is physical therapy. There are stretches that you can perform and that your therapist can help you with as well. Your therapist can help create a routine that you can perform each day to help relieve the pain that you feel and to help strengthen your back. These exercises can also help to improve your posture. Once the pressure is off your lower back, then you’ll usually see some kind of relief over time.

Surgical Options

If you’ve tried other treatments and have experienced no relief, then surgery might be the best option to consider. You should try to give treatments about three months to see whether or not they will provide any kind of relief. Most surgeries don’t require a lengthy stay in a hospital and often result in walking around within a few days.

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