Managing a Claim with a Car Accident Lawyer in Towson, MD

In Maryland, drivers who cause accidents could become the defendant in a lawsuit if they don’t provide compensation to the victims. Accident claims are based on the presumption that the defendant caused the victim’s injuries. However, the claimant must provide evidence to support their claim. A car accident lawyer in Towson, MD could assist the victims by filing a legal claim.

What Is Comparative Fault in an Auto Accident?

Comparative fault is used in an auto accident to prove that the victim played a role in causing their accident injuries. Typically, the reason for the comparative fault is a moving violation that contributed to the accident. The judge reduces any potential monetary award by the percentage assigned to the moving violation. Any percentage beyond 50% eliminates the chance for the victim to receive compensation.

Who Identifies the At-Fault Driver?

The officers who investigate the scene of the accident identify the at-fault driver. However, there can be more than one driver who was at-fault if multiple vehicles were involved in the accident. The highway patrol creates an accident report that explains what happened and who was involved.

Can the Defense Discredit the Legal Claim?

In some cases, it is possible. If the defense has witnesses or footage of the accident, the defense could overturn the case. The purpose of the legal claim is to prove that the defendant caused the victim’s injuries and owes them compensation for financial losses.

What Can Victims Expect from an Auto Accident Claim?

Typically, the victim could receive the full cost of related medical costs, auto repair requirements, and any wages they lost due to the accident. The valuation for the requested settlement is based on invoices from the doctor, an income statement from their employer, and estimates from a repair shop.

In Maryland, auto accident claims are filed before the third anniversary of the accident. Any failure to file before the deadline could stop the claimant from acquiring any compensation. The claims must show how the defendant caused the victim’s injuries and ultimately the auto accident. Victims of this type of accident should contact a car accident lawyer in Towson, MD.