Managed Dedicated Server: Benefits Over Unmanaged Options

Dedicated servers provide a reliable and powerful means of hosting your online content. However, it’s important to understand what else is included in your plan. In most cases, users are best served by using a managed dedicated server instead of an unmanaged dedicated server. Here are a few of the benefits.

No Server Maintenance

Maintaining the content a website can be a time-consuming task. When using an unmanaged server, you’ll also need to manage the operating system and server software. By relying on a managed dedicated server, website operators don’t have to spend time dealing with server maintenance and are free to focus on what really matters: the website’s content.

Better Security

Managing an operating system and web hosting software is difficult, but doable. Ensuring its security, however, requires substantially more training and experience. Reputable managed dedicated server hosts are armed with experts in computer security who ensure their operating systems and other programs are secure. Furthermore, they rely on familiar operating systems and can bring in auditors to test for security problems, which helps them track time difficult-to-identify security risks.

Better Support

Your website can be a great personal or business asset, but it needs to be running to have an impact. Typically, managed dedicated server options come with robust support plans. One of the benefits of using a managed platform is that providers are familiar with the software that powers them, so they can often identify and solve problems that unfamiliar experts would have trouble diagnosing.

Unmanaged servers play an important role in the server industry, but most individuals and companies are better served with managed solutions. In addition to the time savings provided, managed options for dedicated servers offer better support, better security, and a more seamless interaction, and the cost involved in management is low compared to hiring third-party experts.

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