Making Use of Dental Strips for a Bright White Smile

After some time, the whiteness of teeth may dullen or transition to a less appealing color. Many people strive for a big and bright, white smile, and with dental strips, it is easy to get and maintain great looking teeth.

Dental strips are made of a thin, elastic-type plastic called polyethylene and coated with a whitening gel typically made of hydrogen peroxide, a known whitening agent. These strips are then applied to the teeth to quickly remove surface blemishes such as coffee stains or discolorations from cigarette smoke. The gel sticks the strips to the teeth and holds it in place to allow the whitener to penetrate each tooth. Strips are typically meant to be used as a daily treatment for around two to three weeks. Many people see results from the treatments at halfway through the procedures.

These strips are safe on enamel, keeping the patient’s teeth strong for longer, all through regular whitening treatments. The hydrogen peroxide typically found in the strips’ whitening gel is not hard on the teeth, and with the two to three-week-long treatments, they are unlikely to cause any damage to teeth. Since they are much softer on teeth, they may be used continuously on teeth over time.

The strips are an easy and affordable way to make teeth whiter in a short period. The effects are long-lasting, and many people who use strips have continuous white teeth for up to four months. Contact Strauss Diamond Instruments for more information! 

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