Making Improvements for Safety During Parking Lot Paving in Strongsville, OH

When a business owner hires a company for parking lot paving in Strongsville, OH, this person may want to address issues with safety that have become apparent. The old lot has several flaws in its design that can be corrected by these workers. The owner also can add some features to resolve concerns.

Relevant Statistics

About 20 percent of automobile collisions occur in parking lots, reports the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This particular parking lot may have been the site of a fender-bender or two, and the owner wants to prevent this from happening again.

Slowing Down

Drivers speeding through the lot may be an issue that the owner wants to address. This is a safety issue for pedestrians as well as for people in automobiles. Speed bumps, when placed so drivers cannot easily evade them, help solve this problem during parking lot paving in Strongsville, OH.

Posting a speed limit can convince drivers to slow down. A speed limit can even be painted on the pavement. Placing stop signs at strategic intervals is another strategy.


Crosswalks painted on the pavement guide pedestrians to where they should walk. The lines also alert drivers that they should pause and look for people on foot. Arrows can be added to guide drivers in specific directions.

Improved Safety

With changes to the parking lot design and the addition of new painted features, the area will be safer for pedestrians and drivers alike. Visit Advanced Asphalt Paving, Inc. today to request a FREE estimate on asphalt parking lot.

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