Make Your Yard Work with Landscape Design in Alpharetta, GA

Landscaping your home is more than filling your yard with trees, shrubs, and rocks. By incorporating certain structural elements, you can create a focal point, add dimension, and make your yard into an inviting refuge. Below, you will learn about some of the structures you can use to add interest and usability to your outdoor space.


A well-placed arbor is a great way to mark an entry point or create a beautiful view. A landscape design company in Alpharetta, GA can create these structures in a way that works well with your home’s architecture and your current landscaping. This is accomplished by taking design cues from your home, such as the incorporation of stone facades or structural posts.


A custom trellis is a wonderful way to increase the level of privacy in your backyard or seal it off from an unsightly view. Trellises are used as ‘open walls’ by landscaping professionals, and can be made denser by adding vines. Use sections of trellis in conjunction with tall plants to add privacy without fencing in your entire yard.


Cabanas, gazebos, and outdoor rooms are more popular than ever, and when properly done they can be used as an extension of your home. A cabana will work well beside a pool, as it can be used as a changing room or a place to get out of the sun. Gazebos are a shady spot to sit, and can be a cohesive part of your property, as long as their design works well with your home’s architecture.

Most homeowners want a gazebo far away from the home so they can see it from the inside, but a gazebo is much more useful if it’s closer to your home. A professional landscaping designer can help you find the best location to place any of the above structures.

Indoor Elements

Design elements such as kitchens and fireplaces are becoming fixtures in outdoor entertaining. By adding these features to your landscaping design, you can bring some of the luxury of the indoors outside. A landscape design company in Alpharetta, GA can help you choose the outdoor features that best suit your home’s landscape and overall design, and can help you choose aesthetically pleasing materials.

At Service First Landscapes, we install elements that work cohesively to create a beautiful panoramic landscape surrounding your property.

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