Make Your Surveying Jobs Easier with New Equipment

When the time comes to invest in new surveying equipment, you are usually faced with whether you want to buy it or rent it. While renting it does have its benefits, buying land surveying equipment for sale gives you the added benefit of ownership. It is always a good idea to rent different types of surveying equipment before you purchase it, so you can make sure that you’re purchasing the precise equipment you want. It also gives you the opportunity to try many different types of surveying equipment to find out which type of equipment will work best for you. You need to have the right equipment when you’re working in the field. It is very critical in regards to getting jobs done on budget and on time.

The Benefits of Buying New Survey Equipment

Buying new surveying equipment is perfect for surveying businesses with longevity. Chances are you will be using land surveying equipment for a very long time. When you purchase this type of equipment from reputable dealers, your are guaranteed a long and useful life of innovative equipment that can save you time and money from a standpoint of technology.

Ownership Provides You Tax Benefits

As per Section 179 of the tax code, which has been made permanent since 2015, ownership can provide you with attractive tax benefits. Business is allowed to fully deduct any purchase price for equipment up to $500,000 from their taxes. So, if you’re in the 25% tax bracket and you decide to purchase $100,000 worth of new surveying equipment, your net cost will only be $75,000. This can positively affect your business finances and give you a much-needed tax benefit. When you purchase new land surveying equipment from a competent, reliable and trustworthy company, you’re sure to meet all of your surveying goals. Visit  for more information.