Make Your Project Shine with a 360 Brass Rod

Whether you’re a manufacturer in need of materials to complete a new project or have a requirement for a versatile piece of metal to finish a home improvement project, work of art or other venture, a 360 brass rod might provide the perfect solution. This type of rod is especially beneficial in a number of applications due to its strength, beauty and highly functional workability.

Why Brass?

When you choose a 360 brass rod for your project, you’re selecting one of the best metals for use in hardware, locks, valves, plumbing and other important applications. Brass is an incredibly versatile material that is made from a blend of copper and zinc. This blend makes brass highly durable, visually pleasing and suitable for use in a wide variety of projects. Brass is also known for its strong acoustical properties, which makes it a favorite material for building musical instruments, such as trumpets and trombones.

Brass classified as C360 is known as “free machining brass” since it has a machinability of 100. This means it delivers superior performance in projects that call for high-speed machining. It is also noted for its easy soldering and its ability to stand up to wear and tear.

Uses for 360 Brass

A standard 360 brass rod can be used in home improvement projects, manufacturing and a wide variety of other applications. This particular classification of brass is especially favored for hardware applications, for the creation of lock bodies and also for the creation of faucet components. Because of its workability and visually striking appearance, it’s also used in artistic and architectural applications.

Raw 360 brass can be found in a variety of lengths and shapes. Common choices include flat bars, round bars, square bars and large diameter billets. Keep in mind, that brass is easily soldered into place and can be shaped to meet specific requirements, but tends to be very durable once set. It is, however, not infallible. Brass should be used only in applications where extreme heat isn’t present, since it has a low melting point. In addition, a 360 brass rod shouldn’t be used in high-friction applications due to its softer nature.

Brass is an excellent material for use in a number of applications. If a material with a machinability of 100 is required for your next product, be sure to consider a 360 brass rod.

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