Make Your Home the Envy of the Neighborhood With an Expertly Installed Asphalt Shingle Roof in Columbia MD

The roof of your home is arguably its most important feature, at least as far as protecting your family and possessions are concerned. However, the roof also performs other important functions such as giving the home strength and in some cases, providing the building with a unique style. For instance, a gabled roof can give the property a unique presence because it makes the building taller and more imposing. Unfortunately, this effect can be diminished when the roof shows signs of wear or neglect. This is a common situation with any Asphalt Shingle Roof in Columbia MD that is reaching its end of service life.

The typical home has a multiple layer roof structure. The skeleton of the roof is a series of rafters and joists that provide its strength and shape. Over this frame will be a layer of decking. This is usually a man-made material such as OSB (Oriented Strand Board) or plywood, but it could be simple wood planking like that used in older homes. OSB and plywood are preferred because they are quickly installed and provide an even surface for the installation of shingles.

The next layer is normally roofing felt or tar paper. Not all contractors apply this membrane, but it can provide an additional layer of protection and prevent some leaks. Next comes the actual roof covering. The typical choice for most homeowners is an Asphalt Shingle Roof in Fort Myers. Asphalt shingles are a single layer product that are lay in rows. The roofer starts at the outer edge, and each successive row will overlap the top edge of the prior one. The final layer is a crown that covers the peak of the roof. Warranties for asphalt shingles usually range from fifteen to twenty-five years.

An alternative to the single layer asphalt shingle is the composite shingle. This product is also made from asphalt, but it consists of multiple layers. That is, each shingle will have two or more layers which give the product greater thickness. Plus, the edges of the shingle are contoured to create unique shadows and a sense of depth. The primary purpose is to make the shingles resemble slate roofing, and the end result is pretty remarkable. Many manufacturers warrant their composite shingles for the life of the home, but your roofer can give you better details.

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