Make Your Conference User Friendly With Event Apps For iPad

Most people have had the experience of going to a conference in a city that is completely new to them. If they are lucky the conference organizers have put together a short list of good places to eat and perhaps some local attractions to see. However, imagine how much more you could offer if you could develop lists, links and information about attractions on event apps for iPad, iPhone or android users.

Restaurants, Bars and Entertainment

With ConBop event apps for iPad use you have the option to add a lot of information because it will be displayed on the larger iPad screen as compared to a typical smartphone. This allows you to add all kinds of information about local restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. You can provide links to their online menus, set up links for email orders or questions and also link directly with mapping programs to show conference attendees just how to get there.

While this helps you attendees to feel at home in a city they may not know, it also opens up additional options for sponsorship. With free advertising local businesses that would benefit from the conference, such as restaurants and entertainment spots, may be willing to come on board with some level of sponsorship.

Easy Changes and Notification

With event apps for iPad users to access you can also make very quick, very easy changes. The administrator or conference coordinator can simply go into the content management system (CMS) and add, delete or correct any issues with the listings. Practical in design and very simple to use, they don’t require a computing degree or detailed knowledge of web design to update and modify.

As changes occur in the listings you can provide notifications that allow everyone using the event apps for iPads to immediately realize there has been an update. These push notifications can be used when new venues are added or even when information relevant to the conference is added to the built in bulletin board.

Although many people are now using the latest in smartphone technology, event apps for iPad users are still a very relevant consideration. These apps will work effectively with apps for all other supported devices including iPhone and android systems.

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