Make Sure Your Car Is Tow-Ready When Driving Near Roanoke Virgina

Cars break down for any number of reasons. Even if your car is new or highly reliable, it’s impossible to predict when every single component might give out. Preparing yourself and your car before you need Car Towing Roanoke Virginia can save you plenty of time and stress in the long run.

Keep Tow Company Phone Numbers Handy

In our modern digital age, it’s tempting just to look up the phone number of the nearest available tow company and give them a call. This is a great solution if you’re in a city or town when you break down, and if your phone has a charge.

If you’re stranded out in the middle of nowhere with no reception and a dead battery, however, it’ll be much easier for you to have written-out phone numbers handy in the glove box or elsewhere in your car.

Find helpful information and phone numbers for Mitchell’s Towing and Recovery for car towing Roanoke Virginia area, or to contact us directly for a tow.

Keep Safety Cones in Your Vehicle

Ideally, you’ll be able to move your car to a safe place if it does break down. A good Samaritan may even stop and give you some assistance moving your car.

Though it is vital to always put your hazard lights on as soon as you start having vehicle trouble, having reflective, brightly colored safety cones you can put behind your vehicle will give other drivers advanced warning that there is a hazard in the road they need to watch out for. Contact us at Mitchell’s Towing and Recovery to schedule a tow.

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