Make More Money By Becoming An Email Marketing Reseller

If you are currently using a bulk email service or have a transactional or dedicated SMTP server program in place then you may wish to consider becoming an email marketing reseller. In essence this allows you to use your unused space on your server to send emails for other companies and business either on a one time or a repeating basis.

This is actually a benefit to both companies and businesses. You are able to take full advantage of all the space offered on your SMTP server program through your provider, if they allow you to become an email marketing reseller with their policies, while the other company can take advantage of an already managed SMTP service and just use what is needed for their business.

Revenue Generation

As the email marketing reseller you can set the price that you want to charge and even assign credits to keep track of all your billing and payments. Both the email marketing reseller and the client will have access to the necessary program to do all the tracking of payment and credits and to follow and track emails as they are delivered.

Since you can set your own rate you have the freedom to earn as much as you want or to charge less and handle a larger volume. Since you know what the rates are being charged by your service you can easily select an amount that will generate the revenue that you need.

Little Work

As with your dedicated or transactional SMTP server and account, everything on the email marketing reseller program can be fully automated. You won’t have to spend hours setting up and managing the system; it will virtually run itself with the help of the host programs.

In addition with Cloud computing technology everything is delivered quickly and immediately, there is no managing queues and working about long waits, things are all handled to balance the email and get it to your customer as it is set up to be delivered.

Auto control features allows the main email marketing reseller, sometimes known as the Super-reseller, to manage all accounts on his or her program. This means that there is no need to worry about removing spammers or those that are using the email service against policy; it is all done with the simple click of a button.

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