Maintenance Tips For Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines in San Antonio, TX

Heavy-duty floor cleaners are a godsend when it comes to having to clean a large space such as a store or a factory. However, even though Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines in San Antonio TX may be big in size and scope, they still need to be properly maintained lest they suffer from premature wear and breakdown. Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind when operating such a machine.

Tip 1

Always empty and rinse the recovery tanks at the end of each job. Shut-off filters should be rinsed and cleaned thoroughly and the lids left off to allow them to air dry. This is a great method to prevent mold and mildew if the moisture is allowed to sit for too long.

Tip 2

The emptying of solution tanks is a crucial step in the cleaning process. If any solution is allowed to sit in the machine’s tanks for long periods of time, it will gum up the filters and inhibit proper performance.

Tip 3

All brushes and pads need to be cleaned and rinsed after each and every use. Again, this is necessary to prevent mold and bacterial growth on the cleaning instruments. It is also common sense, as who wants to have their floor cleaned with dirty brushes?

Tip 4

Make sure that dirt is removed from vacuum ports and squeegees before it dries. Failure to do so can incur damage to the often sensitive heads of these particular tools located on Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines in San Antonio TX.

Tip 5

Water jets should be demineralized on a regular basis. While there are many commercial products available, a solution of purified water and vinegar can perform the same job for a much-reduced cost.

Remember, failure to properly clean and maintain the machine will most assuredly result in a shorter lifespan for the machine and necessitate more repairs than are generally necessary. Also, the quality of the cleaning the floor receives is greatly reduced when ports are clogged or accessories are left to languish in a dirty state. Click here for further advice or answers to questions about proper cleaning techniques. You can also follow them on Twitter.