Maintenance Plan for HVAC in Portland, Oregon

Preventive maintenance for your HVAC in Portland Oregon is as important as fixing it after the breakdown. Proper maintenance prevents future breakdowns and the expense and the discomfort associated with it. Discuss the maintenance plan with your HVAC contractor and schedule maintenance visit for cooling system in the spring and heating system in the fall. Apart from professional maintenance, homeowners can do some cleaning and check-up as well.

General maintenance checklist for HVAC in Portland, Oregon

This checklist can be carried out by the homeowners and are also a part of the professional tune-up:

* A Thermostat check is the first and foremost step. Verify that the setting is adequate to keep the internal environment comfortable.

* Make sure that all the electrical connections are tight and secure on the motors.

* All the moving parts should be lubricated to reduce the chances of friction in motors.

* Verify that the condensation drain in the cooling system is not blocked. This can result in water damage and affect humidity levels.

* Clean and replace the filters regularly to keep the indoor air free of dirt and other airborne irritants

* If the condensing unit is outside, ensure that it stands clear of trees and any other vegetation around it.

* Ductwork inspection is a must to ensure that there is no leakage in the ductwork. This has a direct impact on the lower efficiency of your HVAC system. If you do find a leakage, it needs to be patched or fixed.

Maintenance checklist for cooling system in HVAC in Portland, Oregon

Your service technician for HVAC in Portland should include the following maintenance tasks:

Clean the condenser and evaporator coils. Verify that the refrigerant level is adequate. If it needs adjustment, the contractor should be qualified and certified to handle refrigerants.

The fan and blower needs to be clean to ensure proper air flow.

Ensure that the drain openings are unclogged, clean as required

The control box and other accessories like contractors, relays, and circuit boards should be inspected and checked for wear and tear.

Maintenance checklist for heating system in HVAC in Portland, Oregon

Your heating unit or furnace is usually hidden away in the basement or attic. Whether it is an oil or gas furnace, the services technician for HVAC in Portland, Oregon needs to include the following in the checklist:

All gas or oil connections need to be inspected for leakages and proper gas pressure.

Blower assembly should be inspected and cleaned. The blower housing should be free of any lint or debris.

All moving parts should be lubricated. If there is a fan belt, it should be inspected and replaced if necessary.

Inspect and clean the burner assembly, ignition system, heat exchanger and the flute system.

Make sure that all electrical connections and wiring in the control box are operational and secure.

There is no denying that preventive maintenance of HVAC Portland Oregon will save you hundreds of dollars in fixing the unit. Talk to an expert technician for a plan that is right for you. Contact Eastside Heating & Air Conditioning for further advice.

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