Maintenance Items Conducted on Hot Water Heaters

Hot water demands can vary throughout the day. While the demand itself may change, it is the task of the heater to keep up with whenever it is needed. This requires the heater to maintain operation all day and all night. This continuous operation will start to wear down the elements in the heater. In order to keep up, regular maintenance is needed. These are some of the tasks performed during an inspection.

One of the biggest maintenance item all Hot Water Heaters need is a yearly drain. The tank is opened up and the water is allowed to run out. Afterward, the system is closed and allowed to refill. During this maintenance item, the draining water is examined to determine if there are other issues going on. The draining is necessary to ensure all of the natural buildup is allowed out of the tank.

Another big maintenance item performed is an inspection of the piping and tank structure. Even the tiniest leak may result in a deterioration of piping or result in rust accumulation on the tank walls. To prevent this from happening, the piping must be examined regularly to identify possible leakage. Leakage will most commonly occur at piping junctions. Leaks in the tank itself can be identified by looking for water at the base of the heater.

The safety release valves will also be inspected on the Hot Water Heaters. Since the system is under pressure, the safety release valves will release some of this if it becomes too much for the system. These valves are essential in preventing the heater from becoming a projectile under extreme conditions. If it appears the safety valves have triggered at some point, the system maybe shutdown for an investigation into the cause.

These are some of the maintenance tasks performed on the hot water heater. Ideally, maintenance of this system should be accomplished at least once a year. This will keep the system running until it is time to replace it. Because the heater is operating continuously, it is subjected to a lot of stress. For more information on maintenance or to schedule an appointment, check out You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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