Maintenance and Maytag Repair in Shrewsbury, MA

Appliances in the home can be expensive to repair if not maintained properly. The clothes dryer will not operate efficiently if it is clogged or belts are worn. The dishwasher will fail to clean if the water temperature does not get hot enough. A washer will not drain completely if filters are never cleaned or replaced. Routine maintenance is the easiest and most cost-effective way to prolong the life of any appliance.

Minor Repairs

Calling an experienced company as soon as issues begin will keep Maytag Repair in Shrewsbury MA minor and affordable. This is true of any make and model of appliance. If the washing machine makes a strange noise, it will not go away if it is ignored. The minor repair becomes a major repair and will cause damage to other components. This will add to the cost and can require replacement if the damage is severe.


The main reason people hesitate to call for service is the wait time for the repair technicians to arrive. It typically involves taking a day off work to be home whenever the technician pulls into the driveway. Not only is this inconvenient, it is poor customer service. Some companies, such as Business Name, have more respect for the needs of customers and offer thirty-minute appointment windows for service calls. Taking a longer lunch break is easier to arrange than an entire day off.

Flexible Scheduling

Same-day, next-day, and emergency appointments are also available for maytag repair in Shrewsbury MA. When an oven stops working, the laundry room floods, or the dryer is emitting a smell like something is burning, an appointment for next week will not suit the needs or ensure the safety of the occupants. A fast response is critical. If a replacement appliance must be installed, it needs to happen quickly so the family can resume their normal activities.


Seek an experienced company before an appliance breaks down or needs significant maintenance. Decades in business is a positive indication that the company is committed to customers and the community. Ask about a maintenance contract to save money. Not all technicians are trained or equipped to repair a wide variety of brands such as GE, SubZero, Whirlpool, LG, KitchenAid and many others. Finding one ahead of time presents the opportunity to ask questions regarding services, pricing, and contracts.

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