Macular Degeneration Magnifiers: Helping Those With Low Vision See

Macular degeneration is a deterioration of the central portion of the retina. As many as 10 million Americans suffer from this affliction. In the past, few solutions were available. Normal hand-held magnifying glasses once offered a minimal option. Today, however, for those in Minnesota with macular degeneration, magnifiers of all sizes and types are able to assist them to address daily matters.

Choosing a Magnifier

Different magnifiers address different tasks. Before choosing the right one for the job, it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What length of time – a few minutes, an hour, several hours – will I be using it?
2. In what environment, location or place will I be using it
3. How great is the power magnification I will require to do what I want or need to do?

The type of magnifier you want to use will always depend upon the above factors. With this in mind, you can talk to a low vision specialist in Minnesota, e.g., optometrist, about what device is best suited for you.

Types of Macular Degeneration Magnifiers

Depending on what type of work or play, you intend to undertake, you are looking at different magnifiers in diverse configurations including:

 * Handheld magnifiers
 * Hands-free magnifiers, e.g., glasses
 * Small credit card size magnifiers
 * Bar magnifiers
 * Dome magnifiers
 * Fixed focus magnifiers
 * Variable focus magnifiers
 * Large magnifiers capable of looking at entire pages
 * Near magnifiers
 * Distance or far magnifiers
 * Electronic video magnifiers
 * Implantable telescope magnifiers

Macular Degeneration Magnifiers: Quality of Life Restoration

Magnifiers are optical devices. Many have a built-in illumination function. The prime goal of all macular degeneration magnifiers is simple. It is to help its users see. At the same time, by using this device as part of a rehabilitation program, afflicted individuals living in Minnesota can take back much of the quality of life matters they thought they had lost.