Luxury Houses in Wausau WI Provide an Ideal Residence for People Who Love the Northern Midwest

In general, when people think of luxurious high-end residences, they might focus on the wealthiest settings like Beverly Hills and Long Island. Not everyone wants to live in these types of expensive communities, though, even if they want a very large, gorgeous new home. Luxury Houses in Wausau WI are constructed by contractors for their discerning clients who love this region and don’t want to move away.

Possible Features of the House and Land

The customers might not choose to have a mansion like those common on Cape Cod or in Cherry Hills Village south of Denver, but they would like a place with at least 2,500 sq. Ft. With high-quality construction and some of the best amenities. Luxury Houses in Wausau WI might have views of water or expanses of evergreen trees. The property might be on an oversized lot, or even an acre or more of land if it’s located outside of the city.

Skiing Opportunities Unique in the Midwest

For men and women who like living in the Midwest, this region is one of the few offering both downhill and cross-country skiing opportunities for several months of the year. Granite Peak at Rib Mountain State Park is located in the highest point in the state. It’s not like downhill skiing in Colorado, of course, but more casual skiers enjoy the fun activity that is one of the most challenging in the Midwest.

Other Times of Year

At other times of the year, there are plenty of places in the region to go hiking, fishing, swimming, and boating. Wausau is considered one of the gateways to the north woods, so just a short drive brings area residents to some of the more peaceful and relatively isolated places in the state.

The Appeal of Wausau

When men and women consider where they might want to move and have a luxury home built, they may find Wausau appealing since it’s the largest city in central Wisconsin while still maintaining a small-town atmosphere with only about 39,000 residents. Higher-end houses are built by contractors such as Larry Meyer Construction Co. LLC. Click here to learn more about this particular opportunity.

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