Lumineers In Riverside Can Give You A Beautiful Smile

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Dentistry

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You may have assumed that it was impossible to take your teeth and to turn them into the kind of perfect smile that you typically see in the media. What people often don’t realize, though, is that many of the people that they see in magazines weren’t exactly born with those gorgeous smiles themselves. Instead, they got dental work over time that was designed to make their teeth as straight and white as possible. When that didn’t turn out to be enough, those celebrities knew about other options that you can also take advantage of. If you seek out a provider of lumineers Riverside, you will be amazed at the changes that you can make to your smile.

When you first go looking for lumineers in riverside, you should talk to your prospective dentist about how many cases he has already handled in the past, and particularly in the past year. Many professionals keep a collection of pictures showing what actual patients looked like both before and after the work was done; this allows them to show prospective patients exactly what they can really achieve with this particular care provider. It’s an approach that makes it a lot easier to feel confident that you will be getting the results you feel that you are paying for.

Lumineers are much like veneers, but with some improvements. Veneers themselves are a front face that is attached to teeth that has the perfect shape and color that almost everyone wants to see in the mirror. Because they are somewhat thick, though, a dentist has to grind down the patient’s teeth to make room for them to sit properly. When you get lumineers riverside, in contrast, the piece being applied is so thin that little to no grinding is necessary. This does less damage to your natural teeth and makes for a much more comfortable experience overall.

You won’t be committing yourself to long term and intensive dentistry by going this route. They are designed to be able to resist wear and to continue to look good for at least two decades. This means that it will be a very long time before you have to worry about getting them adjusted or replaced.

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