Lumbar Traction Treatment in Atlanta, GA: How it Can Help You

If you have spinal or back pain, you can gain some relief by speaking to a chiropractor who features traction therapy. This type of therapy decompresses the spine, thus, relieving some of the pressure on the nerves and discs of the spine. Using the therapy can provide pain relief instantly for various injuries and pain.

How Traction Therapy Works

Not only can you take advantage of spinal decompression therapy, you can also choose lumbar traction treatment in Atlanta, GA to relieve pain in the lower back. You need to make a distinction between these two treatments, as they can differ. Traditional tractions, which has been used over hundreds of years, pulls and stretches the spine. However, unlike spinal decompression, they do not increase hydration or height of the disc or reduce the size of a herniation along the spine.

No More Spasms

Instead, traction treatment, when used in this way, can tighten the muscles. This happens to prevent the spaces between the spinal discs from opening up. By using spinal decompression, computers today can sense when the body starts to tighten. When it does, the table, in turn, stops pulling or decompressing the spine. In turn, the patient does not experience spasms.

Fewer Incidences of Nerve Impingement

When spinal decompression, instead of traction treatment is used, patients report a reduction in disc bulging and fewer incidences of sciatic leg pain, resulting from nerve impingement. While some people confuse traction therapy with spinal decompression, they really are not the same thing. It is important to note these differences when you are seeking this type of therapy.

Learn More Today Online

If you would like to know more details about spinal decompression or traction treatment, visit us online. Take time to review the differences of how each therapy can help you. Don’t allow spinal problems to keep you from enjoying life. See how chiropractic services can help.

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