Lower Energy Consumption by Using Solar Hot Water Systems in Hawaii

There are various ways of generating hot water, and improvements or adaptations to these technologies can make this energy-consuming task a bit more budget friendly. For instance, the tankless or on-demand water heater can provide heated water to a single room or the whole home, and heat pump operated water heaters afford some energy savings over most other models. However, the most energy efficient way of generating heated water may be Solar Hot Water Systems in Hawaii.

So, what is a solar water heater? Simply speaking, the solar water heater is a storage system that heats water using energy from the sun. The process begins by allowing only short wave radiation from the sunlight into the collector component and bouncing the longer waves away from it. This results in heat being generated from the trapped radiation, otherwise known as a greenhouse effect. That is, the trapped solar energy produces heat and infrared radiation and this heats the liquid in the pipes. This liquid will be water if the appliance is a passive system.

Passive solar water heaters are the simplest type. This is because the system doesn’t use a circulating pump to keep the liquid moving through the collector. Instead, the unit relies on water pressure to push the heated liquid into the storage tank. Sadly, this cost-effective solution is not as efficient as other options.

The alternative method for solar water heating systems is the active solar water heater. That is, the system uses a closed loop for heating water in a storage tank. These kinds of Solar Hot Water Systems in Hawaii use a chemical antifreeze for collecting and transporting heat. The liquid is then circulated through a coil in the storage tank where it transfers its heat to the water stored inside.

One thing to consider when making the decision to go solar is how much heated water will be required during peak usage. A large family will usually need more water for cleaning and bathing. Plus, this demand may be constant during evening hours when multiple family members are doing these chores. Experts like those at The Sonshine Solar Corp. can help by consulting with the family and determining how much hot water will be required. This way the home is well supplied and no one will find themselves taking an unplanned cold shower.

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