Love Big Rigs? | Get Your CDL License in Illinois

If you want to drive fully loaded semi trucks, you will need to head on down to the local driving school for some training. All semi truck drivers have to obtain their CDL license in Illinois to successfully pilot these big rigs. Luckily, you will have a blast completing the CDL training courses on the road to obtaining your license. The following three areas will receive the most attention during the Star Truck Driving School training course.

Your instructor will make sure you can head down the road in a straight line while going forward before starting the backing lessons. Backing up a semi truck tends to mess up most people’s concentration. The way vehicles move while backing up is far from intuitive. Instead, you must learn how each movement of the wheel will affect your back-end. The trailer will never move like you expect it to unless you learn the basics. After learning how to backup in a straight line, you will also practice backing around a corner. Just relax and listen to your instructor to master this skill.

Semi trucks have dozens of gears that must be utilized in a particular manner. You will learn the when, how and why of using those gears during the first few weeks of class. For most parking lot activities, you will only use the lowest reverse and forward gears. However, once you hit the road, you will row through the gears expertly until it becomes second nature. Experienced truck drivers never think about the next gear they need, they just automatically select it.

Securing Loads
Alright, so this one hardly has anything to do with driving, but it may actually be the most important. Learning how to load up products or machinery, and secure them firmly to the trailer will guarantee your delivery success. You don’t want to lose your load on the road, causing severe damage to the products and people around you. Instead, focus on learning the safety methods to protect the public and your products.

Still Interested?
Sign up to secure your spot in the CDL license in Illinois training course today. You will join the ranks of thousands of drivers after successfully mastering the skills listed above. Trust your ability to pilot huge vehicles through any terrain to have the confidence to complete the course in one go. Follow us on Twitter!

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