Looking for Well Drilling Services in Troy OH?

Time was when every home had a well. One of the primary criteria when siting a house was the proximity to water. Often a spring, creek or even an impoundment was used. As the population increased, however, drinking from open sources became risky. Water was used as a convenient way to discard unwanted items, sometimes toxic or contaminated.

Digging or drilling wells for a home or for irrigation became a safer way to ensure potable water for families and crops. Hand dug wells still dot the landscape in many parts of the country. In most areas, though, the water table is not close enough to the surface for digging by hand to be feasible. Mechanical drilling is the answer today. Fortunately, there are Well Drilling Services in Troy OH and across the country which owns the required equipment and possesses the expertise to bring fresh water out of the ground.

Although almost all homes have access to public water, there are several reasons a homeowner or farmer can benefit from having a well drilled. One of the most obvious is that some locations still are not served by municipal water, and have no choice but to resort to self-reliance. Another is that the volume required for irrigation can either be prohibitively expensive if metered, or unavailable in the quantities needed or perhaps both.

More families are choosing to drill personally owned water wells to avoid the possibility of contaminants in their water, as has been reported in water systems in large cities and areas within the recent past. It should be noted, however, that periodic testing and filtering of home-owned good water is necessary to ensure that no contaminants are present. Well Drilling Services in Troy OH are equipped with the necessary equipment and will train homeowners to follow safety guidelines.

Interruption of service is also a reason many who are able to have decided to provide uninterrupted water to their homes. Line breakages, repairs, rerouting and other outages can range from inconvenient to dangerous in some cases, and even advance notice is sometimes not good enough. A private water well and backup means of pumping water can be a real advantage.

Wiley Well Drilling serves the Troy OH area. In business for 3 generations, Wiley has drilled thousands of wells over the past 70 years.

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