Looking for a Rifle Buyer in Texas?

Like all used guns, a rifle can be a good item to sell to get some fast cash. Firearms are generally in high demand, and many places may be interested in purchasing them, including a gold and silver exchange that also buys guns. Here are some of the firearms that a rifle buyer in Texas will likely want to purchase.

Semi-Automatic Rifles

Currently, AR-15 rifles are big sellers. People appreciate their usefulness for self-defense and how easy they are to modify to fit an individual user’s needs. Higher-end AR-15 rifles from premium manufacturers such as Colt are especially good to sell since they are likely to have held their value well. A similar rifle that stays popular is the Ruger Mini-14. AR-10 rifles are also highly sought after, as is the M1A from Springfield, both of which are chambered in .308.

Bolt-Action Rifles

For hunting and precision shooting, it is hard to beat a good bolt action rifle. Hunters are always looking for a good deal on a used hunting rifle, particular one that is chambered in a common caliber such as .243 or .30-06 and from trusted companies like Remington or Browning. That makes bolt action rifles popular on the used market. Precision rifles that are set up for competition or long-distance shooting are similarly popular.

.22 Rifles

Pretty much everyone loves a good .22 rifle for practice, having fun, or hunting small game. Classics such as the Ruger 10/22 and the Marlin 60 continue to fly off the shelves year after year. Typical .22 rifles are available in semi-automatic, bolt action, and other varieties to meet just about any need. With how cheap they are to shoot, used ones at a good price tend to be snatched up quickly.

Other Rifles

Lever action rifles, such as those made by Henry and Marlin, stay popular for hunting and plinking. Some gun manufacturers also make high-quality single shot rifles, including Ruger with its very collectible No. 1 series. And, many older rifles are worth a lot now due to their rarity.

By selling guns like these to a rifle buyer in Texas, people will be able to get some extra money. Browse our website for more information about how to sell rifles of all kinds.

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