Looking for a Mice Exterminator in NYC?

If mice find a way into a home, they will quickly become pests. A mice exterminator in NYC may be needed when these creatures start causing problems.

Mice Versus Rats

To tell when mice and not rats have entered a house, look at the size of the rodents. Rats are usually much larger than mice, and can be up to twice as long. A rat’s tail will be easier to get a clear glimpse of due to its greater size, and it will be hairless while a mouse’s tail tends to have hair on it. Otherwise, they look fairly similar at a distance, with fur that is a shade of brown or gray. Mice and rats are both nocturnal, leaving their nest at night to search for food. If they are in a home, they will likely raid the kitchen.

Seasonal Considerations

During the spring and summer, mice are generally able to find enough food to live on outdoors. But once the colder weather starts in the fall and continues through the winter, it becomes more difficult for them to find things to eat. Their hunger drives them to find a new source of food. This is why many mice infestations start in the fall. During their search for something to eat, mice get into houses and discover that there is plenty of food available, so they want to stick around, which causes trouble for homeowners due to the unsanitary mess mice make.

How Mice Get Inside

People are sometimes surprised that mice have managed to get into their well-made home. These little rodents are, however, quite resourceful at discovering ways to get inside. They can squeeze through remarkably small holes and cracks, or they may use their teeth to gnaw their own hole. Once in a house, they will want to stay because of the warmth and the food that is available. If they are not stopped, they may begin reproducing and filling the home with more mice, creating a bigger and bigger mess over time.

The quickest and most effective way to handle mice is to hire a Mice Exterminator in NYC to get rid of them. Pest control experts have a wide variety of tools and methods to choose from when determining how best to remove small rodents.

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