Long Term Care Insurance in Houston Belongs in Every Estate Plan

Everyone should have an estate plan. For many people, this merely includes a life insurance policy, a will and maybe a revocable trust. While life insurance is designed to pay final expenses and leave money for loved ones after a person has died, long term care insurance pays for expenses related to nursing care while the person is living. People today are living longer than ever and that likelihood that any person will need nursing care in their lifetime is very high. Purchasing long term care insurance in Houston can be an investment in the future and serve as protection for other assets.

Few people want to be a burden on others when they get old. Most would prefer to live independently as long as possible and don’t want their adult children to have to take responsibility for their care when they are unable to care for themselves. This type of insurance gives older people the option to take advantage of assisted living or skilled nursing facilities without worrying about putting a financial or emotional burden on their family.

Having long term care insurance in Houston as part of the estate plan allows people to make better choices for their future and their legacy. Unfortunately, Medicare and other private insurance plans pay very little toward the costs of long term care. This means that in order to get the best care possible, a family might have to sell their loved one’s home to pay the facility. If that isn’t an option, they may have to rely on Medicaid and move their loved one to a facility that accepts this payment option. When people proactively purchase long term care insurance, they don’t have to make these choices.

People work their entire lives in hopes of having financial security during their retirement. Because health problems sometimes come about suddenly, this security they’ve looked forward to for so long can be taken away in an instant. Buying a comprehensive policy from MyersYounger LTC can ensure that seniors don’t lose everything they’ve worked for just because they got sick and they won’t have to worry about leaving their spouse with undue financial stress related to the costs of their care. With all these benefits, it makes sense that many people today are adding long term care insurance to their estate plan.

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