Local Funeral Homes in Hayward Discuss Funeral Flowers

One thing people almost always have at a funeral are flowers. Funeral homes even partner with local florists to ensure that floral arrangements make it to the appropriate place in time for the service and to assist families unfamiliar with local florists. Because flowers have meaning, there are specific ones that may often be seen at a funeral.

Peace Lily

A peace lily is probably one of the most popular flowers to be delivered to funeral homes. These are green plants that blossom with a white flower. They come in several different sizes and are easy to care for. People send peace lily’s when someone dies because it symbolizes the innocence of the soul of the person who died. These flowers can be kept for a long time as a remembrance of their loved one.


A rose is a flower that can be used by itself or with any floral arrangement. The rose has a different meaning depending on the color. Red roses signify courage, love, and respect for the person who passed away. A white rose symbolizes innocence. Dark red or crimson roses stand for grief and sorrow. Yellow roses stand for friendship. A single rose expresses lasting love for the deceased. No matter the color, a rose is not a type of flower that will last a long time after the funeral service.


Orchids are another popular flower that is delivered to Local Funeral Homes in Hayward. They symbolize long-lasting love. The color of an orchid is important when being sent to a funeral because of the meaning. Traditional colors of sympathy for funeral orchids are pink and white. These flowers last longer than most other flowers.

Assorted Arrangements

An assorted floral arrangement is most popular as a tall, standing spray. It includes an assortment of bright and vibrant flowers. Some sprays cover the casket of the deceased. These come in many sizes but the two most popular sizes are a full-length size or a half-length size. People often pick a few flowers off of the assortment to save for memories of their loved one.

Choosing flowers for a funeral is not an easy task. Some people are better off just using the deceased person’s favorite flower. Local Funeral Homes in Hayward are here to assist with any questions you may have about any of the funeral details.

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