Living On A Movie Set On The Upper West Side

The five boroughs of New York all have their own personality, charm and landmarks. For different reasons people choose to live in each of these boroughs, but one thing everyone has in common is that they love New York. New York is one of the greatest cities in the world. A city where you can see and do just about everything you could possibly imagine and do it in the span of three days. So if you could, where would you live? For most, one of the most iconic, tree-lined beautiful areas in New York is The Upper West Side and for that reason, most would say they’d live on the Upper West Side.

UWS, Just Like The Movies

While tourists know it as the neighborhood where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan spent most of their time in You’ve Got Mail, you may just think of it as home. And who wouldn’t want to? Living in Manhattan minutes from the American Museum of Natural History, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and the Beacon Theatre is just on of the many perks you can tell your family about when you live on the UWS. Living on the Upper West Side for most of Americans is nothing more than a daydream, which is why it’s portrayed in movies and television shows so often. It’s beautiful, luxurious, clean and literally in the middle of everything. While condos for sale on the Upper West Side may be expensive, what you get is truly out of a Hollywood movie set.

The Building In Question

Mahogany doors open to New York City. Natural light has never felt so good or provided more warmth than it does here. A kitchen designed by Smallbone of Devizes is picture perfect for any get together—whether it be a late night snack between you, your fridge and your spouse or a family holiday for everyone to gather round to eat, laugh and enjoy. Clean lines and fresh modern design is honored in the Domiti Marble master bath with intricate marble mosaic flooring. The building’s designer, Thomas Juul-Hansen, made no compromises designing a building that seamlessly fits the style of the classic buildings of the Upper West Side while still preserving its modern vision.

Living In Luxury

Amenities such as steam rooms clad in Marble slabs and Cedar lined saunas and a fitness center and a rooftop deck and private parking for select residences are just a few of the extras that make this building truly stand out as a premier building in the condos for sale on the Upper West Side.

For more information on condos for sale on the Upper West Side, visit 210 West 77th/or call 212-682-0077.

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