Living in Winston-Salem

The town of Winston-Salem has a far more colorful history than many people might imagine. It may come as a surprise to non-locals but the town of Winston-Salem is actually a conjoined town. During the 1880’s the towns were so geographically close to one another that the United States Post Office began joining them as one town—nothing to do with any of the residents of either town. Soon after that came a ten year period of contention, caused largely by the Post Office. In 1899 they established a joint Post Office in Winston but naming in ‘Winston-Salem’ Post Office, with the Salem Post Office being used as a ‘branch’.

The Bishop August Gottlieb Spangenberg, who chose it as a settlement on behalf of his Moravian Church, originally established the town of Salem around 1753. The first felling of a tree was noted on 6th January 1766 and the town grew as a typical ‘Moravian’ settlement. The town was officially named as Salem—meaning ‘peace’ in Hebrew and was chosen by Count Zinzendorf, the Moravian’s patron.

Winston was established over one hundred years later when a congregation from Salem sold some of its land just north of the town. The new development was named after Joseph Winston, a local Revolutionary War hero. Twenty years later businessmen from both towns began working to connect Winston to the NCR—North Carolina Railroad. Also 1868, Thomas J Brown opened the very first tobacco warehouse in a former livery stable that he rented. A rivalry sprang up shortly after that, between Brown and Pleasant Henderson Hanes, who set up his own tobacco business mere feet from Brown’s place. In 1875 Richard Reynolds added to the pot by building yet another tobacco factory with yards of the first two. By the late 1880’s Winston had an astounding forty tobacco establishments.

Living in Winston-Salem Today

Homes for sale in Winston Salem NC today will be somewhat more expensive than those first settlement homes, but anyone who chooses to live in the town can certainly boast its colorful past. Real Estate Agents in the area can advise those who are buying homes. Financing is also available through your bank or local credit union, but talking to your agent will help you gather all the information you need.

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