Living Comfortably in an Apartment With Your Pets and Neighbors

If you’re like most people who have pets, you consider them as part of your family. This means that if you move to an apartment, you want them to be able to join you. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for sharing your living space with your pets along with other people who are in the complex.

All in the Attitude

Think about your pet’s personality before moving to pet-friendly apartments near LSU. If you know that your pet likes to run and can be loud at times, then you might want to consider asking for an apartment on the first floor so that you don’t bother your neighbors.

Potty Breaks

Try to get your pet into a routine for going to the bathroom at certain times during the day. When you live in pet-friendly apartments near LSU, you don’t want to take your pet outside in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping. If you have cats, then set up an area in a private location of your apartment so that they feel comfortable.


Your pets likely won’t want to sit on the couch all day or stay quiet. However, they shouldn’t run across the floor all day and disturb your neighbors. Try to find a few quiet activities for your pets to enjoy that can keep them entertained, especially when you’re unable to go outside. This might be playing tug of war with a rope or giving belly rubs that can make your pets smile.

When you’re ready to move into an apartment with your furry friend, contact Redpoint Baton Rouge at for more information.

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